30 Easy Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

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If you imagine a curly mane, most people imagine long, voluptuous curls that glow in the sunlight. Well, they have no idea how striking and gorgeous this texture looks when it’s short! An elf is not just a short haircut that gives you the freedom to style and wears your springy curls. This haircut also enhances its natural shape and gives you the pattern you never knew you had. After all, it got huge this year, so don’t miss the hottest collection of curly elves!

Wavy pixie with bangs + gray hair

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When elves and curls meet, they enliven the most dynamic, enviable, and simply stunning hairstyles we’ve ever seen. All that is needed for this idea is the biscuit: in addition to the great natural movement and volume that runs through its length, it also stands out with a trendy shade of gray. Incidentally, with shorter hair, it is easier to experiment with wavy and curly hairstyles. For this look, you only need a light mousse before blow-drying.

Short & Carefree Pixie Cut

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Sometimes it can lead to a hairstyle that you will never wear again if you do nothing with your hair! Let your hair air dry after deep conditioning and let your elf do its own thing. In the meantime, you can shake your head and tousle a little. The look you see in this picture is a possible variation of what your pixie will turn into. To get the result all day, spray it with a firm hairspray.

Curly Pixie Hairstyles

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A pixie reduces and curly hair looks perfect together, there’s absolute confidence about it anymore. Styling your hair so that it is definitely elegant and fun has never been easier. All is left is to choose a few pleasant coloring, and your clean appearance is ready.

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